17+ Highest-Paying Remote Jobs for College Students 2022

However, this would probably take up more of your time than if you were just to freelance because you wouldn’t be able to pick your own hours. Join groups with online business owners, and soon enough, you’ll find that many people are looking for help with their social media.

  • She is also the founder of CareerToolBelt.com, which provides simple and straightforward advice for every step of your career.
  • Therefore, well-fed freelance web designers are often the ones who understand what works in user experience and CRO .
  • The following online jobs are not always easy to get, but once you find your way, you’ll be able to build long-term skills, that you can turn into a career or a business.
  • If you’d rather see your words come alive, you can dabble in scriptwriting for commercials, YouTube, and other promotional videos.
  • This wireless charging station is most useful for a college student who has all of the latest Apple products.

SEO experts may also do keyword analysis and make recommendations to authors to assist them in creating material that will improve website traffic. A Seo expert may operate for a single firm or several clients on a freelance basis. Accepting a remote career as an SEO professional while college may aid students who wish to work in advertising, electronic content, or website design.

Best Online Remote Jobs for College Students (With Salaries)

For anyone looking to grow or maintain a luscious beard in college, then this kit may be just what you are looking for. This set comes with beard shampoo and beard balm, to help keep your beard full and healthy, as well as a beard comb and trimming scissors, for easy maintenance. Most of the time, when you have a roommate or two crammed into the same small dorm, there isn’t a lot of air circulation in your room.

The average annual wage in the United States is 53,745 dollars. They are capable of writing blog content, site content, essays, short stories, and advertising, among other things. Freelance writers frequently focus on a specific business or area that they prefer. For example, they might write on insurance, health and well-being, tech, music, or sports. Freelance writers are self-employed, enabling them to set their hours to choose which topics they want to concentrate on. While in college, English, journalism, and media majors may enjoy taking on freelance copywriting projects. Online tutors deliver individual or small group instruction via video chat.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

If you have experience with search engine optimization , social media or blogging, working as an online marketer may be your dream job. Online marketers help brands build awareness and generate leads by using different digital channels, such as company websites, social media pages, email marketing, online ads and more. You also need to utilize different analytics tools to evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies. The beauty of having these high-paying remote jobs is that you can work with as many clients as you can handle. Influencers are individuals who have amassed a high number of social media followers.

best remote jobs for college students

Even if your blog doesn’t take off, it could be a cool project and sample of your writing to show future employers. If you have experience with a graduate exam, such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT, you could even make $100 per hour or more helping grad students get ready for the test. Coding, programming, and web design skills will serve you well during and after college. These skills are in high demand, and web designers and programmers command relatively high salaries. With a background in philosophy, she has been writing and interviewing for printed and online magazines on society and culture.

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Common tasks include typing up handwritten documents, transferring numerical data into a new system database, and similar clerical jobs. Depending on your employer, you might be expected to verify information too. Some trusted sites that can provide you with work-from-home translation jobs are Lingoda, Acclaro, and Languagesunlimited.com. From one-page white papers to instruction manuals and manuscripts, in this job, you’ll be handling all types of content that need translating between languages. As a remote call center agent, you may have to answer customer inquiries and provide advice, or you might be asked to conduct market research. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 46% of workers aged 25+ with an advanced degree worked remotely in 2017, compared to 12% of those aged 25+ with a high school diploma.

  • Freelance writers frequently focus on a specific business or area that they prefer.
  • The Research Programs Administrative Coordinator will facilitate research programs for undergraduates and internal funding programs for university faculty.
  • Learning such interactive and engagement skills from one’s classroom can help them greatly in their future careers.
  • Over time, you’ll be able to earn money for tuition or books while building a portfolio to show to an employer once you graduate.
  • The starting pay for a minute is usually around $0.30, but it varies depending on the company.

You’ll have to understand how to use various email marketing tools like MailChimp and Convert Kit. Aside from that, you’ll need to be able to craft compelling copies that move the audience. Meaning that most web programmers always work from their productivity desks in their rooms. Perhaps you like to sell things to people or people always trust your judgment and buy what you recommend, then you’re one step away from becoming a billionaire affiliate marketer. We recommend that you do this if you have a flair for making complex digital products easier to use. In practice, User Experience and User Interface designs are two separate fields. Their work is to carry out a creative media production of a raw video that the actors made on set.

You might have asked yourself, “What are the best high-paying remote jobs that I can get into as a college student? Look remote jobs for college students for remote jobs in your intended area or jobs that allow you to use what you’ve learned in school for your work.